In my opening remarks of last year’s blog, I mentioned most would be very happy to turn their calendar to 2021 for many reasons. One thing would be hard to improve on though and that was the year our Real Estate Market had. Well, it didn’t only get matched, it got blown right out of the water, and there are no signs of slowing down.

The contributing factors remain the same. We have become a very popular place to want to be, as many continue to move back and many are discovering us from different parts of the country, lately especially Ontario. Affordability and lifestyle are major pluses they are finding attractive.

As of the end of November, the numbers have been astounding. We certainly have never thought our market would ever go to the level we have attained. Our total sales volume, which is all sale prices added together is up 60%, and the total number of sales is also up 50%. A major problem for buyers is inventory as we have a shortage of homes. Most sales are happening very quickly, so it is great for sellers. I would be happy to educate any buyer or seller on what I can do for you as my experience will be very valuable to help you navigate this lively, competitive market. It’s been another year of over 100 sales for me and I continue to love my job and as you can see by my testimonials give professional, prompt, honest service.