Looking back on 2018, we are continuing with the upswing in the market that started in 2017. If you refer back to my last few blogs, you will see how much we have improved over 2016 and the 5 years before that. We had a slower start in 2018 than 2017 in part due to a stalled market as we dealt with the flood situation, but once June and then July hit which was a fantastic month, we have continued in surpassing 2017 figures; not so much in the number of sales which has been consistent with 2017, but certainly in dollar volume which means average sale price is finally on the rise.

We are still not in a good place as far as our economy goes, therefore very few people moving in for jobs in our area, but we have seen a number of buyers coming back from out west and Ontario, most with roots in the Saint John area taking advantage of the large amounts of equity they have built up in those thriving markets and retiring in the Saint John greater area. Also, with many of the homes coming on the market are baby boomers sizing down, with their parents being of the age that they are making changes as well.

In the Greater Saint John Market, total sales through our board was $409,805,571, up 5% from 2017 with the total number of sales slightly down from 2365 to 2334, therefore, showing average sale price per sale has increased.

Here is he breakdown of the sales over the last 3 years:

2016 2017 2018
Commercial $7,708,750 $8,305,200 $10,409,000
Multi Fam $11,800,457 $16,273,722 $25,933,293
Land $9,702,563 $11,366,629 $10,371,375
Residential $320,226,661 $352,763,952 $363,046,903
Total $349,783,431 $390,859,503 $409,805,571


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