We found ourselves in a situation where we had to sell two homes in a hurry in a market that was considered slow. Additionally, like most, we had to maximize the sale value in order to acquire the new home we were looking at.

Ron used his extensive network to locate agents with anxious buyers in both cases to make the sales happen essentially within hours and days. Before selling our homes we had nightmares of sitting for an entire season with Realtor signs on the lawn hoping for a sale. In our area, there is a realtor that boasts to have high value listings, but most people in the community also notice how those homes tend to languish for months and even years without moving.

Ron spent time with us setting realistic prices (which were exactly where we hoped to be) that garnered interest. He also didn’t waste time with “tire kickers”. When the negotiating the sales and subsequent purchase of our current home, the process was quick and painless.

In retrospect, it was his decades of experience and his network that made all this happen. We could not be happier.