Just 7 weeks ago Lorraine and I made the decision to sell our house and dispose of most of our belongings and opt for an apartment lifestyle.  It was 7 weeks ago you arrived at our house, sat with us and reassured us that we were not losing our minds.  We were nervous.  You explained to us the process of selling a house in 2022, you helped us arrive at a suitable and fair asking price, you hired a tradesperson (Jody) to do minor repairs to our home, and you gave us storage options for our possessions if we weren’t able to dispose of it all.  As the early days of the house showings were about to commence you had the exterior and interior of our house photographed and Lorraine and I began our daily drive with a loaded car to Value Village and Habitat for Humanity. Throughout all of this you had several agents show the house to potential buyers giving us more than ample time to prepare and evacuate.  For us to say that doing all of this was easy would be a blatant lie!! It was hard work!!!  Exhausting!  However 5 weeks after we began we had several offers all of which were at or above the asking price!  We accepted the offer and began our move. The deal closed 5 weeks after we began!!  We have completed two weeks in our apartment and at this point I can’t say we have regrets.  You made our “life changing” decision as easy a process as anyone could.  Thank you to you, and your staff.  We are ecstatic with our move.