For most of my life I never saw homeownership as a real possibility for me, but over the past few years I began to see that it just might be possible one day. For me that day came in mid-December 2020 when I decided now was the time. But where to begin? I had no idea beyond looking at listings, really. Then, after making a few inquiries on places for sale, I got in touch with Ron Young. He immediately took ownership of my home search.

With him in the lead, we started whittling down my search to the places that would work for my circumstances and my budget. He was very helpful and patient with my many questions and concerns, and I could tell he really cared about me finding not only a house, but a home. He was available at all times of the day to discuss any questions I might have, and made sure that I stayed on track toward the end goal. He also worked very diligently when any roadblocks came up to ensure things kept moving forward.

Today I’m in my home and I have absolutely no regrets. I wouldn’t be here today without Ron’s help and guidance. In the future, if any of my friends or family need help buying or selling a home, I have absolutely no reservations suggesting Ron Young as their realtor.